The Deviant Quarterly Review is an artistic expression that illustrates the most game-changing social media stories from every quarter.

Rod Tuffcurls and The Bench Press is an exciting cover band from Chicago, entertaining crowds at clubs, festivals, weddings, and other events all across the Midwest since 2008. There unique song repertoire include hits ranging from The Beatles to Madonna, Queen to Miley Cyrus, and Wilson Phillips to Dave Matthews Band! You may even hear some of our off-the-wall choices like Les Miserables, Golden Girls theme song, and Wrigley’s gum commercials!


Gil: What are you guys doin'?


Gil: Well tell me about what's goin' on!!

Ian: Goodbye Net Neutrality; Bow before ComCast
Pay 2 Play is the new way
25-cents a Cat

Tom: Facebook can you tell me where my friends are,
I can’t stand being alone,
I can’t wait to meet up with some nearby friends,
So we can all be on our phones.

EVERYONE (CHORUS): What a crazy quarter...

Ben: JCPenney’s tweets drunkto get more hits
That's cool - we were song when we wrote this drunk
and US Airways tweeting a pic
Of - a - naked- chick

Commercial break

Gil: Do you love sending drunk texts but hate the work of getting drunk EVERY NIGHT?! Well now you don’t have to! With J.C Penney’s new drunk gloves, you can send drunk texts all night, all while being stone cold sober! Simply put on the gloves, and text away! Why be hungover Tuesday morning just because you felt like sending some Monday Night drunk texts to an old college bud? Why risk losing your job just because Wednesday night seemed like the perfect time to get hammered and drunk text your ex? No more worries! Feel great! No hangover! But, with all the great drunken texting you’ve gotten used to! New J.C. Penney’s drunk gloves, now available at J.C. Penney’s. Warning: consequences still apply.)


Ben: Spread your gossip on Whisper.SHH
Consequences are next to none...
Did you hear that Gwyneth Paltrow uncoupled?
Did you hear about Gwyneth Paltrow's uncle?
Juice beer spout Kenny Spaltrowths uncle?!
Mark Landsberg is Gwyneth Paltrow uncle?!?!
You guys! Stop everything! Instagram is down!

Gil's Instagram Opera

No sepia, no Valencia, no x-pro II, what’s a boy to do?
I need some likes real bad, a comment from my dad,
I need accepatance from, some strangers thumb,
Sunday morning now, pancackes stacked to tall, without Instagram,
What’s the point of brunch at all?
I think I’ll end it all, with butyl acetate, or better yet, I could just masturb...


Tom: How much is that doggie in the window?
Add him now, Buy him later

Ian: Taco Bell is on SnapChat now
Could be cool, could be lame
They've only got 10 seconds Now
to convey a lifetime of shame

Everyone: 3rd quarter profits at an all time high
Social Deviant's telling you why